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The Termidor® termite defense system is America's #1 liquid termite treatment, which provides total elimination by utilizing an undetectable liquid that termites ingest prior to entering a structure. With Georgia being at a high risk of termite infestation, the Termidor® system is an essential asset to protect your business from termite damage.


The Termidor® system offers two methods of treatment:

The method of treatment depends specifically on your business and varies in each instance. Our termite control services come backed by a lifetime termite warranty.




  1. An American Pest Control technician will perform a thorough inspection of the property establishing the most effective treatment option for your business.
  2. The technician will apply the product around the perimeter of the structure, establishing a complete barrier for maximum termite protection.
  3. Based on the unique plan established for your business, the technician will apply the product under the structure, completing the termite protection barrier under the structure.
  4. A comprehensive inspection of the structure will be completed once a year to ensure effectiveness and to identify any new conducive conditions for termite activity.